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Wondering about Faith and how important it really is?


How can Faith make a difference in our lives?


Faith can make a difference in our lives in so many various positive ways. It especially can help us when we're in need of a helping hand and someone to talk/turn to. Having faith doesn't mean just going to church and praying, but believing in God and being able to turn to him for help when times get hard, is also known as being faithful.


Having faith gives you someone and something to believe in. It gives you someone to turn to whenever you need them, no matter what. Faith is not just believing and taking, but having faith in something is giving your trust in that something or someone to take you on the right path in life.


Faith always comes in handy when you are feeling down. When you feel like there’s no hope having faith brings you up and shows you the positive endings a situation may have. When your boyfriend or someone special in your life leaves you and your feeling down having faith and believing in God will make you feel complete.


Whenever your feeling lonely, confused, scared, depressed, having faith and believing God is on your side and he is there with you will make you feel better and look at the positive outcomes in life. Be faithful to yourself, and to one another. Believe in the real deal and you won’t be feeling alone anymore because having God with you is the best feeling you can have, having God with you is the only person you’ll ever need.

Faith is everything.