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Mass-Media Teachings

Your being tought ALL WRONG!

Here are some teachings the Mass-Media send out, I'm here to give my input and say what you should really be listening too and believing.

Spend Lots of Money On Yourself !
Why would you want to spend alot of money on your self, when really you will lose it all after--you will lose everything you own when you die. Think about it, your not going to drive your new Corvette you bought into heaven are you? Your not going to get dressed up in your new Nike track suit to enter heaven when you die... are you? The answer is NO! what you should be focusing on is how you live your life on earth, you only have one life so live it out to the fullest, be happy is whats important, help others, do something important, because the true thing you must buy is enterance into God's Kingdom, and there is no amount of money that will grant you that enterance. But the way your live, the good deeds and the faith you distribute will determine you faith into your after life!

Your are constantly in need of improvement (You’re not good-looking enough, smart enough; talented're just not good enough!)


First of all does the media even know you? Have they ever seen you? Did they ever have a dinner or do anything with you? Probably not so who are they to judge you? God is the only one who can judge us (the creator can only judge what he has created) and in God's eyes we are perfect. They say were not smart enough, well I rather be stupid than put out lies that try brainwashing the world, rather than covering up what’s truly important. After all looks don’t matter, it’s the personality that counts. No ones perfect there right, and no one will ever be perfect so live with it, be grateful for what looks, smartness, and talent you have because not everyone is as lucky as you, there are so many handicaps, mentally challenged, birth defected people out there, but if you pay attention you don’t see them always sad, you most of the time see a smile on there face :). So be lighten up, you are perfect to God and that’s all that matters.

Violence is a good solution to conflict!


Who ever said that needs a punch in the face to resolve this conflict. How does inflicting pain help anything? If violence is a good solution to conflict, so is stealing money for you money problems. We should respect the bodies God gave us and not abuse it, violence is a terrible thing and should not happen at all, the solution to conflicts is talking things out, hearing both views of both parties, and pain is not the way to solve something

If you aren't watching T.V., you're missing everything.


Lets start off with TV isn't always telling the truth anyways, so you shouldn't mind missing some lies. Truly not going out and living out this life we have on this beautiful world we got is missing everything. TV should only be use for people or are immobile, they have an excuse to watch TV, us people who can walk, should go out see what’s going on, play in the park, go watch a movie, eat out, visit friends, help out somewhere, that’s where everything is, not in a room looking at a box that shows moving captions, honestly that’s a waist of time. God gave us this world and life, use it. Don't listen to media, let them waist there lives telling us what to do.

Poor People Aren't Important!


Jesus was poor, are you saying he wasn't important? Poor people should be the most important people, they survive under the worst conditions, and they show us what a true hero is. You try living with no money, out on the streets, no medical insurance, not even enough food, try living with nothing, and see how long you can survive. We are the followers of Jesus, and he was poor, so we should respect that. As I wrote before you cannot bring your possessions to Heaven, so why are the rich important, if in the end they really have nothing?

Always be Afraid of certain people. Be afraid of live. Be afraid of nature. Just be afraid!


Why should we be afraid, that’s the worst way of living? God put us on this planet to live together and survive together, not to be afraid of each other. God gave us life, he gave us a chance, why should we be afraid of it, it’s our only life be happy live it out! Nature, it can be dangerous at times, but that’s why God made hope, so don’t be afraid for every bad there is a good, Jesus faced a lot but he didn't live his whole life in fear, we have nothing to fear as long as we live by Gods way.

When will people learn